About Us

Who We Are

Specializing in Managed Services, Hosting and Virtualization Solutions.

We have 35 years combined experience from small and mid-sized customers to non-profits and larger Enterprise organizations.

Our core equipment is colocated in a world class data center located in the Denver Technology Center. This provides a central location with geographic stability.

Technical Momentum is located in a data center that also has locations in California, Illinois and New Jersey so we can ensure your data can be kept safe even with catastrophic issues locally. The Data Center in staffed 365 days a year with a live person and has badge and biometric security measures in place.

Why People Choose Us

We are a Denver-based company specializing in custom technology solutions for our clients.

Interested in learing more about our methods and how we can put them to work for you?

Call 720-833-7400 Extension 101 or contact us for more information.
VIRTUAL SERVICES: Virtual Services mean leveraging new technology and replacing physical hardware that becomes outdated either because of time in service or new requirements. Being virtual also give you a more stable platform not dictated by local local issues or data loss due to hardware failure. Technical Momentum also works with carries that provide Ethernet based Internet so connectivity to your applications is on industry leading technology.
Your company can then focus on providing for your customers and not on technology.

PHYSICAL SERVICES: Physical Services can be provided for devices that are customer owned or leased and need to be put in a data center for security or stability. This might be servers, a SAN or another customer owned device. The client can retain reponsibility for support or if they prefer management can be provied.
What makes us different is not necessarily what we do. Its how we do it. We offer all our services at a flat rate so that we are as invested as you are in your success. If you have problems it impacts us directly. We work hard to bring technology to our clients so they can focus on what is important, their business!

Our Specializations

  • Hosting and Colocation

  • Security & Network Services

  • Data Storage Solutions 100%

  • Web Site Design & Programing

  • Complete IT Solutions

  • Back Up & Disaster Recovery

The Team



Colorado native with boy/girl twins. Once the shock of his wife having twins passed he realized his life would be twice as crazy but ten times more fun! As a young boy Jard wanted to be in a band when he grew up, but unfortunately, he could only play the triangle.



Missouri native, Jayhawks alum and father of three boys and a lovely little girl. He thinks the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. He is the smartest person in the company until it comes to his favorite NFL team! Go Chiefs


New Mexico native with one red headed little girl. While living in New Mexico he decided to move up to Denver (the big city) and take his chances. He likes the Broncos but his first love was the Green Bay Packers…